The Daniels Story

In 1980 Ralph Daniels invented a technology to extract the natural, water soluble nutrients and germination compounds from seeds. He worked closely with large grain (seed) processors to prove the extraction technology and then to show the seed-extracts could be used as a plant food. Extracts were obtained from oilseeds, i.e. soybeans, corn, peanuts, sunflowers and safflower, and a 12 year R&D program was initiated. Data from research conducted at leading universities was presented to the US Patent Office. The first patent was granted in 1989 and additional patents were obtained around the world.

Comparative fertility studies demonstrated that oilseed-extract was a superior plant food. It increased crop yields, shortened crop cycles, grew more compact plants with no stretch and produced foliage that was greener than plants grown with other commercial products. Research continued and when new positive responses were observed, additional patents were obtained on the improvements.

Data compiled from 12 years of scientific research was provided to the AAPFCO, the FDA of the plant-food industry. Three years later, the new plant-food was officially approved as a new source of plant nutrients and named Oilseed-Extract.

Commercial production of Daniels Plant Food® began in 1995 at a state-of-the-art computer controlled facility located in Sherman, Texas. Products were developed for the floriculture, turf, landscape, agriculture, organic, biostimulant and retail markets. They were marketed through a network of independent stocking distributors and Daniels' marketing partner, Ball Seed.

In August 2010 Ball Horticulture acquired the assets of Daniels Plant Food® and licensed the Daniels technology (patents and trademarks) which are held by Daniels AgroSciences, LLC. Ball holds the exclusive rights to Daniels' IP, intellectual property, estate for the horticulture market.

Ralph Daniels likes to quote Eddie Cantor. Cantor said... "it took me 20 years to become an overnight success." Ralph says Cantor was fortunate, it took me 30!