Commercial Products

Daniels AgroSciences has developed innovative and exceptional products for the commercial grower and home gardener. See (our website is currently under construction and expected to be relaunched on July 1st). All Daniels products are sustainable, organic or organically based and contain oilseed-extract, Nature's Secrets®.

Daniels AgroSciences conducts scientific research on vegetable, fruit, floriculture, and high-value agricultural crops. The company aims to identify, document, develop and patent crop outputs that offer economic benefits to the end-user. Daniels believes its natural-organic crop inputs outperform bioengineered products and eliminate the controversy associated with GMO.

Oilseeds are so named because they have high levels of (vegetable) oil in their seeds. The oil is obtained by crushing the seeds to express the oil. The extraction (crush) process also removes the organic germination compounds that are inherent to the seeds. The oil must be purified or refined to remove these "undesirable constituents" from the oil since the "refined/purified oil" is used for edible purposes. Refined vegetable oil is used to produce cooking oils, shortenings, salad dressings, mayonaises and margarines. The refining byproduct is the starting material for the production of oileed-extract.

What's in the seed-extract®... Nature's perfect plant food? Seed-extract® contains primary plant nutrients: nitrogen (N) from amino acid and proteins, phosphorus (P2O5) from phospholipids (lecithins), potassium (K2O) from water soluble organic compounds. It also contains calcium (Ca), (Mg) and (S), the secondary plant nutrients and all the known trace element micronutrients in soluble/available form. The "magic bullets" in oilseed-extract are the water soluble natural-organic germination compounds that allow the plant to reproduce. Among the many organic compounds in oilseed-extract are natural phytohormones and carbohydrates. The phytohormones stimulate the plants being grown and the carbohydrates provide biodegradable carbon to encourage growth of beneficial microorganisms. Microorganisms have been shown to increase fertility. The end result of plants propagated with oilseed-extract are plants of higher quality and increased crop yields than plants grown with other commercially available products.

Seed-extracts® are unique and are obtained with proprietary processes. Oilseed-extracts are contained in every Daniels product.

Daniels Professional Plant Food® 10-4-3 and Daniels Professional Plant Food® Ornamental Landscape 10-4-4 products are used in the commercial greenhouse, nursery and landscape markets. Daniels Professional Plant Food® Turf Special 10-3-5 was developed to service the golf course market. Daniels Plant Food® distributes its products through regional stocking distributors in concert with its marketing partner Ball Seed (call 1-800-BALL SEED).

Daniels Professional Plant Food® Turf Products are considered to be the most innovative, leading edge products in the golf course greens market according to press releases from John Deere. John Deere selected Daniels Professional Plant Food® Turf Special 10-3-5 for its Golf & Turf One Source™ program.

Daniels Professional Plant Food® Consumer Products focus on the manufacturing and marketing of a full line of retail plant food products for distribution through the following channels:

Daniels recently introduced its Pinnacle® line of organic plant food products for the professional grower and retail customer. Daniels has been testing natural–organic Bio-Stimulant products and has planned to release them in the third quarter of 2011.