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10-4-3 Horticultural Plant Food

10-4-3 Horticultural Plant Food Daniels 10-4-3 Professional Plant Food® is considered the most effective plant food in the professional market. Growers have attested to Daniels' superior performance.

Daniels 10-4-3 contains the three (3) primary nutrients, the three (3) secondary nutrients and all of the trace element micronutrients in chelated (available) form. Daniels is formulated with excess sequestering agents in a patented process. Daniels helps to reduce scale in irrigation lines and to unclog blocked lines. Daniels also makes use of nutrients in irrigation water and residual nutrients in the growing media. These innovations have been patented.

10-4-3 is formulated with another Daniels exclusive, seed-extract®.  Seed-extract®, a component of all Daniels products, are the germination compounds extracted from oilseeds. They are obtained via a patented process.

Professional growers have provided testimonials that Daniels shortens crop cycles, grows compact plants with no stretch, increases crop yields of cut flowers and vegetables and produces foliage that is greener than plants grown with other leading water soluble products.