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Daniels BioStimulant-Inoculant

Daniels BioStimulant-Inoculant This product is packaged as a two (2) pack combination product. The biostimulant is the same as the product above and is (separately) packaged with a microbial inoculant. The BioStimulant-Inoculant, like the BioStimulant product above, has been developed for use with all leading mineral and organic plant foods. In comparative scientific studies it has been shown to increase the crop yield of fresh market tomatoes by 10%.

Daniels BioStimulant-Inoculant is a sustainable natural-organic product. The formulation and formulation methodology are proprietary (pats pend). Daniels BioStimulant-Inoculant will be available in the 4th quarter of 2012 through Daniels Plant Food Products, Inc.

Manufactured and distributed by Daniels® Plant Food Products, Inc.